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Do you struggle with re-sorting bundles of hardwood lumber? Are you finding you are accumulating an increased amount of undesirable inventory? Does your production slow with inconsistent lumber? If so, we can help! Our goal is to co-create unique and specialized hardwood lumber products that help our customers improve their efficiency and yield. 

Our CUSTOM LUMBER SOLUTIONS program is a no obligation review of your existing production process. We utilize a 5-step evaluation process designed to create a unique and customized lumber solution to meet your specific production needs. Our sales and product development team will help you design the right lumber to create the hardwood lumber products you require.

In hardly another discipline in the wood working, experience plays such an important role as in the timber drying. Wood is such a various material and occurs in the nature in an unbelievable diversity of species like hardly another material. It's where our customers can rely on our team of experts and turn our knowledge and experience into their competition advantage.

Irrespective of whether your company is located in Europe or on the other side of the globe, and irrespective of the types of wood you process, Schulz & Mathiasen can provide you with the right drying equipment. The whole process - from planning to constructional work - is undertaken strictly in accordance with your wishes.

What makes Schulz & Mathiasen a good fit for your business? We’re glad you asked:

  • Newly-installed Aiken control automatic tally system to ensure accuracy of inbound materials
  • Over 60 acres of Air-Drying capacity
  • Over 2.3 million board-feet in Dry Kiln capacity
  • 9 dry Inspection Lines
  • Newly-installed Voice-Tally System ensuring accuracy of outbound materials
  • Over 400,000 Square Metres of Warehouse Space

Schulz & Mathiasen actively works with companies across Denmark to better meet their custom lumber-processing needs. We offer a number of services to companies who are looking for processing options:

  • Custom stacking & Drying preparation
  • Digital Tally Services
  • Yard-Drying Options
  • Kiln Drying
  • Inspection & Custom Grading Services
  • Individualized Packaging & Presentation
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