Schulz & Mathiasen Lumber Holding

is one of the largest processors and wholesale distributors of raw wood, building materials and woodworking equipment in the European Union.

It all started in 1946, when two Danish businessmen - Howard Schulz and Peter Mathiasen - decided to merge their small businesses into a bigger and more efficient company. Two crossed axes were chosen as a symbol of their cooperation. Since then The Two Axes has grown into a large corporation owning a number of businesses in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

The S&M business group manufactures and markets a wide range of wood based building products supplied from 9 major manufacturing operations spread across Western Europe. S&M supports 10 manufacturing facilities in Denmark with complementary products from its European facilities. S&M also exports worldwide, including Japan, Middle East, South East Asia, India and China.


S&M is committed to manufacturing innovative building products. For quality assurance our products are manufactured with independent audit processes and international product certification.


S&M continues to create a more responsive organization that is dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses. We are open to receive non-standard customized orders.


We value your time. And saving it is one of our main objectives. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Schulz & Mathiasen always tries to offer prompt services in minimal time frame.


S&M continues to search for methods of ensuring that our customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment. All our products are made of sustainable wood.

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49 Howitzvej St, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
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