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BES Bollmann kilns

BES Bollmann is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality products and system solutions for the timber processing industry. The products of BES Bollmann are recognized world-wide because of their high quality, longevity and maintenance-free operation.

Type HT 100

The HT 100 of BES Bollmann is the most usual type of drying kiln with the fan arrangement above an intermediate ceiling. Here, the air is fed and reversed via an intermediate ceiling and so ensures particularly gentle and even drying within the shortest time.

The capacity of the Type HT 100 drying kiln ranges from 40 to 400 m³. For smaller drying kilns we recommend our Type HT 200 drying kiln from costing and space reasons. The HT 100 also offers excellent service as a steam chamber or as a combined steam and drying kiln. If desired we can also supply the equipment alone for your drying kiln, if you want to build it yourself in masonry style.

Type HT 200

Due to the size of the company or drying assortments, as for example constructional timber, a company needs a smaller drying kiln. Also for these requirements BES Bollmann has the suitable solution.

With a timber capacity of 15-80 m³, its overall height remains very low thanks to the fan structure installed on the side at floor level. This also means it can be integrated perfectly into existing buildings.

Because the air flow of the wood stacks takes place directly, we get much better efficiency of the fans. With this variant it has to be obtained that the wood depth becomes not too large, since the air must put the double way back of the wood depth before an exchange and rewarming of the air takes place.

Nardi kilns

Nardi has set up a structure based on sophisticated computerized equipment and electronic long-distance service systems that enable the head office to carry out immediate tests on systems installed anywhere in the world.

Nardi K200

The new series of drying kilns K200 represents an evolution with respect to the conventionally built kilns regarding higher energy saving and noise reduction.

In particular, the kilns are designed with a wall and roof insulation using a 140mm thick glass wool which reduces heat dispersion conspicuously.

It is also possible to further reduce energy consumption by equipping the kilns with high capacity tunnel fans, with an automatic reduction of fan rpm's during the drying phases or during peak tariff hours as well as heat recovery systems on the vents.

Nardi TT150-300

The new type of drying kiln (or kiln for heat treatment), model TT 150-300, is a kiln of small dimensions.

The advantage of this solution lies in the fact that the kiln is fully installed at the factory and can be freighted to a customer by truck.

On site it just requires a concrete floor, gas connection (or hot water), and electricity.
The loading side may be either the short one (load by carts moving on rails) or the long one (load with forklift truck).

Please contact us at info@smlumber.dk for prices.

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